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"We finally listened to our Princess Anna CD this morning. I was so moved that I went through two Kleenexes! Anna danced and spun around the room as it played. It was beautiful. ‘Thank you’ just doesn't express my gratitude for that CD.It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.”

Orlando, FL

"My daughter received the personalized song A Princess After All for Christmas this year and it was the most meaningful and thoughtful present she got. She absolutely loved the song and understood it's message before I had a chance to explain it to her myself. She expecially loved that the voice on the CD sounded like Ariel, The Little Mermaid! The "WOW" factor was that the song had my daughter's full name in it so she thought it was especially made for her, which it was. She listens to her princess song often and I love that while she is singing the words she is learning God's truth's as welll."

Steamboat Springs, CO

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“A Princess After All” is a professionally mastered, six and a half minute song that reveals to every girl who has asked Jesus into her heart that she is a beloved Daughter of the King! A TRUE PRINCESS!

And the best part is... “A Princess After All” can be PERSONALIZED!

As a father, I love watching my two little girls ‘play Princess’ in their flowing gowns and plastic tiaras; singing and dancing to the music of the princesses they see in books and movies. But, when I came to realize that it wasn‘t just pretend - that having God as their Father and King made them TRUE Princesses - I set out to give them the gift of their own song to sing! How would it lift your own Princess’s heart to sing and dance to HER OWN song as well?

Now, just like all the Princesses she loves, she can have

Your Princess can have her OWN PRINCESS SONG with her full, or just first name, seamlessly inserted into the finale of “A Princess After All”. This song was written, arranged and performed with the intention that it would fit naturally among the many princess songs that she already loves.

Soaring vocals, lush orchestration, a Godly message and your Princess’s name in the finale! The seamless addition of your Princess’s name will make this a song for her to cherish forever!

Order today and surprise your Princess with her own Princess song that opens her eyes and celebrates her true place in God’s heart and kingdom. She is a Daughter of Heaven... A Princess After All!

-Broose Johnson, Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Dad of Two Princesses

The "FULL NAME" option is the ultimate in personalization!

By special ordering the song "A Princess After All" featuring your Princess's first, middle and last name (or anything beyond a single first name) you can be certain that this song will be as unique as she is!


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* “First Name Only” orders can be mixed immediately provided the name already exists in our pre-recorded name database. If not, the name can be recorded at the next recording session. See the “Next Special Order Deadline”.